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Elfball is a fantasy football simulation boardgame produced by Impact Miniatures

This Wiki is designed by and for avid players of the game to contribute and enrich the background of the game. Please feel free to contribute, every little helps according to a major supermarket!

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Elfball Background

This section is aimed at enriching the background stories (otherwise known as 'fluff') regarding the teams, races and world that the Elfball game is set in.


  1. Origins of the game
  2. Races
  3. Championships
  4. Famous Players
  5. Famous Teams
  6. Famous Matches
  7. Elfball Game Structure and History

Other Projects

This guide was written to help total newcomers to the game of Elfball by teaching them some basic pointers that will make them better Elfball players.
This section identifies any FAQ or common rule mis-interpretations - thankfully the rulebook is very concise and there are not many of these :-)