Rules Clarifications

This page brings together the questions that have been asked on the Impact! forum about the 2nd Edition rules, for ease of reference. Thanks to Tom for helping us out when we try and break his rules! Most of these are covered in the rulebook already, but sometimes are easy to overlook!

Challenge Clarifications

Throw Challenge
  • Only opposition players are allowed to intercept (including when using Bankshot).
  • When throwing, put the passing string in the centres of the passing and receiving hexes.
  • You may throw through the centre square in the Face-Off circle, but only if the passing string does not touch either white line.
  • If the Throw is inaccurate and scatters from the receiver, use the passing string to identify if the ball travels across a white line at any point along it's new trajectoy - if it does, you need to scatter the ball from again from the hex containing the white line.

Tackle (and Impact) Challenge
  • If you declare a Tackle that needs an Impact challenge, and you pass the Impact challenge, you have to carry out the Tackle.

Abilities Questions

General Replacement Abilities (Buff, Agile, Grapple, Resilient, Nimble, Steady)
  • These may only be used once per turn.
  • These may be used on a flop.
  • They are used before momentum (including Resilient), and dice replaced with a ability may then be replaced with momentum.

  • You may sprint once as normal using Momentum points before performing subsequent sprint attempts with the Sprint ability.
  • The number of successes needed using the Sprinter ability is the number of dashes attempted this turn using the ability including this one plus one. So if this is the first Sprinter dash, it requires 2 successes.
  • Once you have dashed to move, you may not then use your normal tackle, throw etc. However, you may dash in order to perform a challenge, and if you pass the dash you may carry out the challenge with one extra challenge dice (assuming you have not already tackled).

  • Affects punishing hits as well as crippling hits.

"Move towards" skills
  • These do not have to be the shortest possible distance, but they must reduce the number of hexes to the target.
  • Any move towards skill that allows you to move non-active players (lead pass and swarm), do not allow you to change the facing of the moving/nonactive player.

  • The extra movement may be used later in the turn.

  • As your maximum range is always 18 hexes, a throw of nine squares is half range or under, so 1 success needed (+1 for the scramble skill)

Two-Minute Warning (TMW) Card Questions
  • -1 success on your next challenge must be used on the very next challenge, eg on the Impact, rather than the Tackle.

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