Having possession of the ball can be risky in Elfball. Not only does the opposition want possession, but it is easier to injure a ball carrier with a Tackle as less successes are needed. If you choose to run with the ball, then you can only move the ball every other turn, which makes it easier for your opponent to get the key tackle in place.

1) The White Lines
Ok, first thing we need to note is that the centre line and the goal boundary both stop the ball and players cannot throw across these lines. Note however that the centre square does not have the white line running through it - this window can be used to pass the ball from one half to the other.

2) The short pass (up to 6 hexes from your thrower)
The most common option, as it allows your player to move and perform other actions as well as the pass. Please note that unlike other Fantasy Football games, you can continue moving and perform other actions even after you've passed the ball. Throwing the ball up to 3 hexes only needs 1 success.

3) The long pass (7 to 18 hexes from the thrower)
Provided your player has not moved - you can pass the ball between 7 and 18 hexes as your only action for a turn. This action is good if you have a player back in a central position with the ball, as they can then throw it pretty much anywhere on your side of the pitch. Throwing the ball up to 9 hexes requires just 1 success.

4) Ways to improve the odds
  • Facing on the Passer - The best option, and one that's commonly forgotten - if you move the thrower into the facing of a friendly player you get -1 to the number of successes needed on the throw
  • Facing on the Receiver - Less effective, as you may have already got enough successes on the Throw challenge to avoid needing to make a catch challenge
  • Momentum - An easy Dodge or a Shove may be a good option to generate momentum before a critical throw
  • Perfect Spiral - Use your momentum for the pass instead of saving for the catch where possible! Getting more than the number of successes allows your receiver to automatically catch the ball - also you get momentum back to force re-rolls of any successes by intercepting players.
  • Thrower and Receiver are adjacent - Getting the exact number of successes on the throw challenge allows the receiver to auto-catch if each are standing next to each other!

5) To intercept, or not?
Interceptions require 2 successes, which is the same as a normal catch challenge! However, If you have SKILL 1 player eligible to intercept, you stand as much chance of flopping as you do to pass the challenge. If your opponent has extra momentum, they can also use if to force you to re-roll successes. Note also that players with Agile can re-roll a challenge dice to improve their chances of success.

6) Throwing the ball away
This sounds bad, but deliberately relieving yourself of possession can be a viable tactic in some scenarios. If you know your opponent can reach your player this turn, why make it easier for him to tackle you? If you can throw the ball a few paces ahead of you, but out of range of the opponent, there's still a chance you'll be on your feet and able to collect in a turn or 2. This is especially handy if the opponent doesn't have any high SKILL players in the area. You can also employ this tactic to tempt the opponent to make a pickup near the sidelines or the goal circle, ready to be shoved out of play.

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