Details of the origins of the game, including a timeline can go in here

Could be broken into several sections and include references to some of the non official races, such as kobolds and why they arent official...

Some questions to ponder.

Who or what was the first being to play or introduce ElfBall to the population?
How long did it take to catch on?
Has the game changed much over the years (remember Phils version of the game which was more freeform due to no hexes)? Also have glaring problems been removed from the rules of the game by the committee?
Has there been any major controversies, splits, wars that have affected the game?
Is the game confined to the map that we see in the rulebook, or are there other unknown teams and races that exist from outside the map area.
Is the game regarded as an amateur or a professional game, and if so, when and how did it come about (will need to crosslink with other parts of the fluff)
Do we need background on these characters who first introduced the game?
Will we make reference to optional rulesets, such as weapons and weather cards, as part of the lore of the game, eg regional variants? Streetball should definitely make an appearance too if so.
What are your thoughts on the sponsors of the game? Zlurpee. Were they always called that. Who runs the corporation, why did they sponsor the game. Were they the only sponsor of the game or have there been others.

I think there is enough there to get us started. What writing style is to be used?

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