Famous Players and other influencial people:

Elric - inventor of the the game clock for tournement play, though smaller leagues still are without the magic crystals.

Kalag - The first true referee of elfball. No one is sure when or where exactly elfball began, but people are sure who codified it into the game we know today a famous and astoundingly intellegent Ice Giant, who no creature in their right mind would cross. With the help of the a counsel of the races Kalag cobbled together a modern rulebook from the fragments of scrolls written by the long departed elder race of Filbowens. He set up the game as it is know today, being played on a circular field with the magic lines. He also single handedly would keep monsters out of the face-off. Though revisions to the rules have occured on occasion people still quote Kalag, "Every Coach Should Read the Rule Book."

Dark Lord - Many many years ago the top team in the Elfball circuit was Morg's Pariahs captained by the infamous Eric Morg and owned by the mysterios Dark Lord. Rumour has it that in an attempt to insure his team's victory in the Elfball championships he attempted to cast a spell of grave misfortune on the opposing team. However something went horribly wrong during the incantation and the Dark Lord was consumed by the spell. The Elfball championship was declared a draw after both teams failed all attempts to pick-up the elfball after 4 hours of play. Both teams cursed the name of the Dark Lord for their ill luck. Many players throughout the circuit believe the spirit of the Dark Lord still survives bound to his powerful spell and crosses the world looking for the next Elfball match. To this day many a player or coach has cursed the name of the Dark Lord when bad luck hits them.

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