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OK eveybody. This is the place where I propose we discuss concerns about how the current wording of the rulebook can be amended for easier reading/understanding. Please note that all inputs to this Wiki become property of Impact! Miniatures who can choose to use/ignore suggested amendments at their complete discretion!

A link to the full 2nd Edition Elfball ruleset is here:
Elfball Rules

I think we should Aim to visit each section and review in turn - A copy of the rules for each page has been added to the links below with sections for comments and modifications.

Elfball Rules page 1

Elfball Rules page 2

Elfball Rules page 3

To add to page 4:

Beginning a Test
At the beginning of the game or after each goal is scored, you set up your team for the next Test with the following

  • The ball is placed on the yellow dot centre point on the playing field.
  • For the first Test, each player rolls a D6 with both players re-rolling in cases of a tie. The loser of this dice off must set up his entire team first onto the playing field. After this the opponent sets up. For all Tests after the first, the player who scored the last goal must set up his entire team first.
  • All your players must be set up on your side of the half way line. In every case listed below, all players must be placed entirely inside the yellow circles. They cannot be placed in a hex with either the white or yellow line running through it.
  • Your first player must be set up inside the centre circle with a facing that puts the ball in a front facing hex. This player will take part in the face-off. Players with an attribute Type of Monster may not participate in a face-off as the Elfball rules do not allow this. If you cannot set up a player for the face-off, your team loses the Test. If neither team can place a player in the centre circle of the face-off the game ends in a tie.
  • Your second player must be placed in the Guardian circle (if you have a 2nd eligible player). This is the yellow circle in front of the white goal circle.
  • Up to two players may be placed in each of the large Rover circles on your side of the playing field.
  • You may not set up more than 6 players total for a Test. Any extra players from your team should be placed in the Bench area.

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