The popularity that ElfBall enjoys is shown by the sheer number of Cups, Leagues and Competitions that exist all over the map. For the ElfBall conniseur, you do not have to travel far to enjoy a good game of ElfBall!

Many "unnoficial" leagues exist, ranging from the sublime to the shockingly bad! Up until 524 each race had their own racial Championships to decide who was the best team. The ELF was founded in 520 to allow greater inter-racial organisation, and to establish a set of ground rules, as everyone had their own take on the rules and as a result, nobody could really agree on the best set of rules to use and even some teams varied wildly from others! After 3 years of discussions The ELF decided in 523 that they had established a core set of rules that were to be followed as the "Rules of the Game".

And so the first ElfBall World Circuit was announced to start in early 524 to showpiece the game across the continent. What the ELF didnt predict was a season long storm which engulfed the continent, making play extremely difficult, and with the long distances that fans would have had to travel to the central location, the event was postponed for a year.

Each race has still their own league structure and the leading teams from the top league progress to the World Circuit. This circuit is split up into 2 conferences (East and West) comprising of the folowing

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